Policies and Guidelines

     Lian Hong has established a social responsibility management system, upholding compliance with local lawsregulations and social ethical standards,

     while continuing to develop quality and services, we also takes into account the environment, employee health and safety, and human rights in order

     to protect the rights and interests of stakeholders.

Corporate Social Responsibility Policy

     While pursuing stable growth in operations, the company also insists that all operating activities must also take corporate social responsibility into consideration

     in addition to complying with laws and regulations. Enhancing employee education and training and the company's internal control system to ensure compliance

     with corporate ethics and government regulations.

Company Promises:

      - Compliance with laws and regulations: Comply with local government related labor, environmental protection, safety and health regulations and requirements,

         Lain Hong provide employees with a safe and healthy working environment and space to give full play to their talents.

      - Lain Hong respects every employees right of freedom, prohibits any form of forced to work, provides a fair and safe working environment, and prohibits on any

         form of discrimination.

      - Implement humane treatment: not use child labor, and do not use corporal punishment, abuse, or compulsive methods to discipline employees

      - Transparency and free association: establish relevant communication channels internally and externally. Internally, Lain Hong has encourage to have direct

         communication and sharing between employees and management; externally, Lain Hong will welcome any information exchange through dedicated mailboxes,

         and respect our employees' freedom if they would like to establish, participate in or organize labor unions, this will not cause any adverse consequences or be

         retaliated by the company.

      - Provide reasonable working hours, wages and benefits: strictly abide by the local government's laws and regulations related to labor hours and wages and benefits,

         and openly and clearly implement company management for employees.

      - Committed to fully integrating corporate social responsibility policies into various operational levels. also, we committed to extending the spirit of the corporate

         social responsibility policy to our supplier partners.

Respect Labor Rights

     1. Prohibition of Child Labor

         • We do not use or support the use of child labor that does not comply with the law.

         • We have formulate the protection measures for the appointment of persons who have not reached the statutory adult level

     2. No Forced Labor

         • We publicize work rules in compliance with laws and regulations.

         • Employees sign labor contracts freely and hold copies according to their wishes.

     3. Healthy and Safe Environment

         • We strictly prohibit any form of corporal punishment of employees; mental or physical coercion, forced labor, and verbal insults.

         • Employees should abide by safety and health rules and practices, and should immediately report accidents, injuries, unsafe equipment, habits and conditions to

            their supervisors.

         • We provide a safe and healthy working environment in accordance with environmental protection regulations and occupational safety and health regulations,

            and take necessary measures to avoid any risk of accidents or injuries.

     4. Establish a Communication Mechanism

        • We respect employees' legal freedom of association and collective bargaining rights.

        • We encourage open communication and direct participation between employees and management.

        • We will collect employees' opinions on the company in order to make further improvements to the company's operations.

     5. Prohibition of Inappropriate Discrimination

        • We provide an equal and fair working environment and prohibit any form of discrimination.

        • All employees have equal opportunities regardless of race, gender, age, political orientation or religious beliefs.

     6. Prohibition of Improper Punishment

        • The company strictly prohibits any form of corporal punishment of employees, and prohibits the use of wage deductions as a disciplinary method.

     7. Improve Working Hours, Salary and Benefits

        • Employee working hours and wages should comply with all applicable laws, including minimum wages, overtime pay and statutory due benefits.

        • We immediately issue salary slips or other confidential methods to communicate salary payment information to employees.

     8. Improve the Execution Management System

        • Strive to fully integrate corporate social responsibility policies into various operational levels. And is committed to extending the spirit of the corporate social

            responsibility policy to our supplier partners.

        • Regularly conduct internal audits and reviews through the SPT team for continuous improvement.

Safe Working Environment

     1. Employees Health

          • We care about our employee's health and provide employees with free occupational disease checkups every three years.

          • Provide employees with free yoga courses once a week.

     2. Occupational Health Monitoring

          • In order to ensure our employees to work healthily, have a safer working environment, and prevent occupational diseases, Lain Hong will entrust a certified

             company to conduct occupational hygiene monitoring of the working environment in the factory every year.

     3. Risk Assessment and Management

          • In order to create a high-quality corporate environment, strengthen the company’s competitiveness, and achieve sustainable corporate survival, Lain Hong has

             established risk management procedures to prevent and reduce the impact of various forms of changes and emergencies. which we can turn the crisis into an opportunity.

     4. Continuing Operation Management

         • In order to ensure the company has response with various crises and emergencies quickly, reduce their damage and ensure the safety of personnel and property

            and the sustainable operation of the company, we have established corresponding handling and recovery procedures and operating mechanisms And backup resources,

            and set up an emergencys response team to deal with related affairs.

Stakeholder Area

     1. Complaint channels between suppliers and customers


     2. Employee complaint channels

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