In addition to expanding production capacity, meeting and coordinating with customers' sales growth, quality, specifications and other needs, in 2019, we focused on the production of air, water, waste, poison, and noise in our processAdhere to the concept of reducing environmental pollution and sustainable developmentwe had promoting the environmental management system, we expect to play role in contribution to the employees and society. To achieve this goal, we have formulated some policies shown below:

Environmental Policy:

   1. Save energy, advocate waste reduction and recycling, and sustainable development.

   2. Comply with environmental regulations and implement environmental management.

   3. Implement and continuously improve the environmental management system.

Environmental Goals

     1. Practice waste reduction and implement resource recycling.

     2. Reduce waste and save energy.

     3. Concern about global issues.

     4. Comply with regulatory requirements and implement regulatory review.

     5. Implement education and training related to equipment and environmental protection.

     6. Implement environmental policies and goals and continue to improve.